AandAHi, my name is Andrea Fereday and I am really passionate about getting people started on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

Following my husband’s diagnosis of angina in 2013, I became totally engrossed in finding out how this condition could be reversed without taking any medication. The results of my search were that he would have to totally change his diet and lifestyle. This meant some really serious changes that seemed quite drastic at the time. However, we both made a decision to do this together and were very committed to it.

How amazing when 8 months later Alan had an angiogram to discover that all his arteries were clear! I was so excited I wanted everyone to know that sickness can be reversed or improved by changes in diet and lifestyle.

Through lots of research and study, completing a course to become a Diet and Nutrition Advisor, it is my conclusion that we do not have to be sick. I am a Christian who believes that God wants people to be free from sickness and disease through making the right lifestyle choices.

Of course I can’t make any promises, but I have seen some great results in people who have chosen to make the changes. The testimonies speak for themselves.

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