What we can offer

Here’s a brief list of what we can offer. For more in depth information please contact us. 

Introduction evening:

This session is bible based, looking at what God says in His word about our bodies, and how we must take responsibility for what we do with them regarding our health and lifestyle.

God has a lot to say about our lifestyle choices and we want to bring these to your attention in this teaching session.

Also we will explain what we are about, what we feel people should know and give an insight into what the full day health presentation will entail. We want to wet your appetite to find out more! From this introduction, you can decide whether or not you would like to sign up for the full day. There will be no charge for this session.


Full day health presentation:

Various venues will be used for the full day  Health Presentations and will be posted on our Events page with dates and times.

The full day programme will include:

Session 1

Our amazing body

What the body needs in terms of nutrition

The best building materials for our body

What does the bible say?

Foods that are causing sickness and disease Part 1


Foods that are causing sickness and disease Part 2

What are living foods?

What are enzymes?

Food demonstrations

Session 3

The keys to a long healthy life.

Looking at proper nutrition, exercise, oxygen, water, and stress.

Session 4

How to get started and what changes need to be made.

Q & A


For prices for all Events, please contact us.

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